Sunday morning – Clean up

Sunday morning! We are taking down trees and cleaning up Saint Charbel grounds before the new fence goes up on Monday.

Generous donation

Fr. Abbot Daoud Reaidy & Fr. Walid El Khoury have generously donated to St Charbel Monastery Chalice and Paten Set with Water and Wine Cruet and tray.

Progress update – 05 July 2016

Fr. Charles Hitti, Superior of St. Charbel Monastery Melbourne visited the site of St. Charbel Village in Greenvale to overlook and see the progress of the work being undertaken in preparation for the visit by Fr. Abbot Daoud Ready – Superior General of the Antonine Maronite Order. Fr. Alain Fares, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Lebanon, blessed us with …

Work commences

Work at St. Charbel Village is underway. Thanks to the CFA the land was cleared, and now land surveying has begun, as well as renovations to the existing dwelling on the property. Looking forward to the upgrade of the property fence. Thank you for your continual prayer and support, we ask St. Charbel to pray and intercede for each and ...

Official blessing of St. Charbel Village

On the anniversary of the birth of St. Charbel Makhluf, Fr. Hovig Boudakian accompanied by Fr. Adel Daccache officially blessed the new site for Saint Charbel Monastery Melbourne “St. Charbel Village”. Thank you all for your constant prayers which have been graciously heard, and your generosity for the success of this project. We ask St. Charbel to constantly intercede for …

Land purchase of St. Charbel Village

A letter from the Superior of St Charbel Monastery Reverend Fr Charles Hitti in Melbourne to the Reverend Abbot Daoud Reaidy We are glad to announce As of 29 April 2016. The new owners of 45 Providence Road Greenvale VIC 3059. Antoine Maronite Order (Victoria). Land size 20,600 sqm. We pray for the growth of the community رسالة من رئيس ...

Saint Charbel Village – Mission begins

Today we start a bold new journey in our mission in Australia to build a community, Maronite Parish, and a significant place of worship for St Charbel. Keep visiting our website for the latest updates.